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The Dirty Hands of the Diplomatic Corps

When new elections were called, then Congolese President Mobutu Seko Seko invited an opponent living in exile abroad to come back so he could participate in the election campaign. The president would guarantee his safety. The opposition leader accepted this proposal. As soon as he landed on the territory, he was arrested by the police. He died after days of torture. This kind of barbarism is rife in African and Arab countries. The murder of Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate is a recent example of how satanic things can get among diplomats. Have the Arab diplomats who allowed this to happen in their consulate not been kicked in the butt so that they were banned forever from civilized countries?

The question is whether this scum, because of diplomatic reasons, must be received by the queen. Should trade relations outweigh the most basic moral principles? Is it perhaps hoped that by staying in conversation we can exert some good influence? As if psychopaths care about well-intentioned sermons.

These villains have their country represented by their henchmen and relatives. The poorer and more corrupt the country, the more expensive the diplomats' villas in the capitals. Their luxurious life is paid for with money stolen from their very poor population. Should we sit together with these people in international organizations such as the United Nations or UNESCO? They even form the majority there so that a more responsible and morally acceptable international policy can be opposed by them.

We pretend that 19th century diplomacy is still tenable today. Back then, diplomats were civilized white gentlemen who behaved discreetly and strictly adhered to local laws. The representatives of rogue states or shithole countries shamelessly use diplomatic immunity to smuggle stolen money through the locks and drugs. They also often ignore the traffic rules. Gross violations of the law go unpunished. Years ago, a Libyan diplomat shot and killed a British policewoman in London. He was able to leave the country unhindered.

We can compare this decline of the diplomatic corps with the world of football. In the 19th century, this was a game between civilized gentlemen who valued fair play. Now the football world is an ethically dirty mess full of greed and corruption. The football players' exorbitant salaries are a blow to the honest, hard-working citizen. The hooligans best symbolize this sickening situation. We can see them as the diplomatic corps of the modern football world.

There is only one means to curb all that squalor among government leaders and diplomats : an iron fist. They only understand the language of power. For the sake of morality, the system of diplomatic immunity must be abandoned. This shouldn't be a problem at all, surely we can expect diplomats to lead by example? Furthermore, Western countries should withdraw immediately from international organizations and stop subsidizing a bottomless pit. The released financial resources may be better spent by sovereign western countries on mutually supportive cooperation with the people of Third World countries.


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